Latest 2021 : How to make money online in india?

Still, some of us are searching “How to make money online in India,” and we do not get the desired result.

The reason is “A lot of risks” and “time.” Thatswhy, we do not want to go on these paths.

But, you don’t worry, my friend, I am here with your desired results. Of course, when we do something online, then it takes time.

But it also gives you 100 % result, if you follow the correct strategy for it. I am here with the best and working results on earn money online in India.

Read this complete article, and I guarantee that you will choose at least one strategy from the given list.

Ok, let’s start.


Youtube For Online Money Making

Guys, YouTube is the best platform for those who want to earn money online.

Many of you think that “If I have some creativity then only I can join YouTube.” The answer is, ” Not necessary. ”

I have listed some strategies through which you can make money. But one thing is essential, that is “Time.”

You have to give some time on this platform. If you are thinking, “Today I joined, and the day after tomorrow I became millionaire.”

So, my friend, it is not possible. Let’s start with youtube strategies one by one. And see which one suits you.

YouTube Creator

In this world, everyone has some unique creativity. Some of us know it, and some don’t.

If you don’t know, try every method and see which one works for you.

But if you know, then why you are waiting, go and make a channel on youtube and show your creativity.

If you want some motivation, then watch youtube channels like Technical Guruji, CarryMinati. You can’t even imagine how much money they are earning.

But they have creativity, which is loved by their subscribers. So you have an excellent opportunity to start.

YouTube Channel Buy & Sell

If you love to do business, then YouTube provides a beautiful opportunity.

Here, you can grow a channel, and you can sell it whoever wants it. Many of us have creativity, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time to start from zero subscribers.

There are many groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram.

Here you can sell and buy youtube channels, and you will get good money from it.

YouTube Promotions

We create a channel on youtube to get viewers, share knowledge among others, and earn money.

Everything depends upon our channel growth. Traffic is the backbone of any channel.

So the question is, How will we get it?

We need to promote our channel. It is the hard truth that initially, no channel grow by itself.

We need some boosters that boost our channel from zero to a thousand, thousand to millions.

Many new creators do not know how to promote a channel with less money and more views and subscribe.

If you have that knowledge, you can advertise their channel and earn money from it.

And guys, Facebook is the best platform where you can get these types of creators.

Video Editing Expert

“One shot is not a perfect shot. To make a perfect shot we take multiple shots. ”

If you are a youtube artist, you must be familiar with these words. When we take numerous shots, then we have to edit videos.

So video editing is a bit complex because you have to work on multiple parts like audio editing, video editing, and extra elements added.

There is a lot of stuff in video editing. Every youtube creator wants a video editor expert because video editing is a significant factor in growing a channel.

If you an expert in video editing, then you can earn money from it.

Quora Partner Program

When we talk about “how to make money online in India, then  Quora Partner Program is one of the best ways to start.

Because here, you don’t need any creativity. You have to ask questions on this platform.

How much you ask, the more you earn. When you ask a question, and someone answers it accurately, Quora gives you money for it.

In short, it is totally on you that how much traffic you can grab on your question. To know more about it. Read this Quora post.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Billions of users daily explore it.

And we can say that now it is a mini google because if you search ” how to make money online in India” on Facebook, you will get many posts or groups or pages, where you will get more details about money-making strategy.

The best platform to explore your business..

And the beauty of this platform is, If you don’t have money to invest, you can still make your audience.

Let’s see the components of Facebook, which can make you rich.

Facebook Pages

However, some of us are not aware of the platform. It is the best way to grow your business online.

Facebook pages deliver incalculable traffic. And the beauty is, we can stock that traffic without investing.

Facebook develops its policy on an ongoing basis. And if you work on your page with total dedication, Facebook also supports you in your page’s growth. 

It’s a hard truth that the online world works on only one thing, i.e., Traffic. If you have traffic, then you are the king. 

Millions of people visit Facebook daily. Facebook is therefore making huge profits. And it also provides a platform through which you can make money too.

When you grab a good amount of traffic on your page, then you can advertise brands, and you can make money from it. You can join Facebook ads, and you can earn money through it.

Affiliate Marketing is also a good option to earn money. When anyone buys some product through your link, then you get a commission.

You can promote other enterprises, and you can make money from it.

Facebook Groups

Similar to Facebook pages, groups also store traffic. Groups are created for interactive sessions.

Facebook groups are more engaging than pages. Because on Facebook pages, only the admin can publish pictures, videos and text.

However, in groups, everybody is equal. Everyone can view their content. So you can promote brands, and you can do affiliate marketing, and many more.

Facebook Page Buy & Sell

If you have money to invest, then choose this option because this game is about money. Many of us want to earn money in a short time.

This business works like when you buy a page, customize it, grab some more traffic, and then sells it, the best and easy way to earn money.

But my friend, the first step is to invest and take risks. The world is crawling with spammers.

Many pages have grown through bot likes. So when you buy a page, first check the insights of the page, post reach, page likes, comments.

If you realize that this is an authentic page, then purchase it only.

You can make a lot of money through this venture. 

” I bought one cricket page of 50k likes in 130 $ and I grew it a little bit, 60k, and sold it for 200 $. “

Facebook Groups Buy & Sell

You can make money from Facebook groups buy and sale. There are many groups available on Facebook where you may purchase and sell groups.

It requires investment as well. If you have money to invest, you can make a business like that.

It is similar to the Facebook page buy & sell.

Facebook Page Promotions

When you want to expand your reach on your page in less time, then we go for a paid promotion. But you know, promotion is a little tricky.

If you are familiar with these tips, then you can develop your page in less money.

And many page owners need such promotion specialists, and they give you money for promotion.



Instagram is one of the rapid-growth platforms like Facebook, as we know Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, we benefit from that. When you create a Facebook page, then you get an option for an Instagram id connection.

So everything you post in one place automatically reverberates to another platform. Let’s see what’s best for you. 

Instagram creator

Instagram continues to welcome designers. If you have a bit of creativity, then Instagram is the next best platform.

We’ll move on to the first platform later. Instagram provides a convenient interface for the user.

It comes with particular features. When you constantly give your best in that place, you get more and more followers, and when you get followers, you can earn money in multiple ways.

Such as Brand Promotions, Affiliate Marketings, Shoutouts, and a lot more.

Instagram page buy & Sell

Along with the buy-sell Facebook page, you can also sell or buy on the Instagram page.

Here too, you need money to invest. First, you must buy one page that you can sell to others.

Now, this way of making money online is very trending. If you have money, then you can do this too.

However, my friend, as I mentioned earlier, spammers are everywhere.

Therefore, when you go for any page, first check this page completely. Then only go for it.


How to make money online in india

Most of us believe that Blogging is no longer, and there is no future in it.

My friend, this is not true, because blogging means web site.

Nowadays, many websites are built through blogs. Very few are developed using customized code.

In a nutshell, blogging will never end.


When you have content ideas, then blogging always greets you. Blogs do not require codes, but content.

Whatever the format or designs you want for your website. It is already available there as themes.

You have to focus on content. A successful blogger, how much earns you cannot imagine.

But my friend, it takes time and lots of patience. Because in this competitive market, if you want to exist, you have to become a smart blogger.

A smart blogger does not mean that you have to look smart. It means your blog should be smart. 

And your blog post should be clear. You have to focus on a specific niche. And guys, when you do practice, then you learn more.

If you follow these steps, then you can be a successful blogger in a little span of time. 

Content Writing

Today most websites hire content writers. Because content writing needs skills, and if you have those skills, you can earn uncountable money.

Guys, if you want to learn content writing, then start today. Try to write about any topic and write every day and you will see improvements.

A content writer knows how to write an article. They know about SEO, post designs, and many more.

So if you want to learn it, then you can join many courses on online learning platforms.

So, guys, there is a high demand for content writers.

For that, you can put your resume on multiple job-related websites like, Fiverr, Freelancer.

Write content for others and earn good money from it.

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization is the key to rank any website. It is a vast topic.

Basically, SEO consists of two types OFF-page SEO, ON-page SEO. And these types have their subtypes.

So SEO is a combination of multiple types, and to manage all these types, we need some SEO experts.

So many websites hire SEO experts to manage their websites.

Because the ranking factor of a website does not depend only on its content, you have to do SEO.

So if you are an SEO expert and you can manage SEO, then you can put your resume on job-related platforms.

And you can earn huge money for this work.

Blog Developer

If you love to do coding and you develop websites, blogs and if you are not making money, then read this paragraph.

I hope it will help you. Guys, there are multiple websites like ThemeForestcolorlib where you can sell your designs, templates and you can get good money for it. 

Blog Buy & Sell

Yes, If you have money to invest, then just go for it. Many users want a complete setup blog.

As a beginner, when we set up a new blog, then we face many problems in the configuration.

And sometimes users need a fresh blog with traffic. So in such a case, when you sell a blog, then you earn huge money.

So it is also a good option to make money.

Google AdSense

how to make money online in india

We develop websites. But why? Yes, I know, To share knowledge.

Is it? Only knowledge, Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, to earn money. 

Today 98 % of websites are using Google Adsense to earn money. When you visit any website and if you see Ads on the page, i.e.,

the part of Google Adsense. When someone clicks on that advertisement, then the website owner gets money for it.

But there are certain rules to get approval of Adsense from Google. Some of them are like your website should have some traffic.

If you use images and videos, it should not be copyright items. So generally, you can earn money from Adsense in two ways. 

AdSense on your websites

As we have already discussed that we develop websites to make money and share knowledge.

To use AdSense on your website, first, you have to monetize your website. It means your website must come under Adsense monetization policy.

And guys, you can earn unlimited money from Google Adsense, but for that, you need a website with good traffic.

So if you have a website and it has some traffic, then apply for Adsense and earn money.

AdSense Approver Expert

On a single niche, millions of websites are running on Google. So you can imagine how much competition there is.

And most of the websites are Adsense approved. But if a beginner has started blogging, then it might be difficult for them to get AdSense approval.

So, in this case, we need an expert who has much experience with AdSense and its policies.

In such a case, we need an Adsense approver expert. And if you have that experience, then you can help such beginners to get approval, and for that, you can charge money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

When we talk about “how to make money online in India,” then how we can forget affiliate marketing.

Online e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart take advantage of affiliate marketing to sell their product.

Here you have to sell products to the client, and you will get a commission on each sale.

And guys, if you have no platform for sharing affiliate products, then you can use Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups.

In addition to Amazon and Flipkart, there are many others. But if you’re just starting out, then start with these platforms.

The more you sell, the bigger your profit. 

Sell pictures

sell picture

If you’re a photographer and you’re doing great photography, and you want to make money, then you’re in the right place.

A lot of people think that if I have a DSLR or an HD camera, I’m the only one who can take good pictures.

Not exactly. A perfect shot depends on many things such as background, weather, color and your creative spirit.

And none of these things need professional cameras.

You can shoot from your smartphone, and you can win a lot of money. 

There are multiple websites available where you can sell your pictures like ShutterstockAdobe StockGetty Images.

Short Video Story

Let’s say you like to make short videos on any topic, like funny jokes, some social consciousness, song, movie dialogue.

Next, you can make money from those short videos. 

There are many apps running in India, which is similar to this niche, like SnackVideoMoj, Josh.

Therefore, join these platforms and make money.  

Custom Websites

Custom website

Earlier, we talked about blogs, in which we have to focus on our content, and we do not do coding to develop a blog because it is already developed by blog developers.

When we search on google that how to make money online in India, then we get millions of results.

And all these results are basically websites. Some of them are called blogs, and some are websites.

But when we talk about custom websites, then we have to code, and we have to focus on content too.

And you have that skill, and then nobody is going to stop you from becoming a millionaire. 

Website developer

Always in demand, Everyone wants a developer to develop their sites.

Many users have ideas, but they don’t know how to implement them and how to develop a website that perfectly suits that idea.

In such a scenario, we need a developer. And if you have those skills, then you can develop their websites and demand as much as you want.

For that, you can put your resume on job-related websites.

And make some demo project to show your client.

Website buy & Sell

Buying and selling always work if you choose the right platform and follow the best strategy.

And guys, it needs investment and risks. So if you are aware of these terms, then you can do this business, and guys, you can earn a good income from this business.

Without investment, one way is possible that first, you have to create a website design or complete template, and it should fulfill all the requirements of your niche.

For example, if you create a template for an e-commerce website, then it should have all the functionalities that are needed for an e-commerce website.

And then you can sell it. Facebook is the best free platform where you will get buying and selling deals.

And there are some premium websites that conduct these types of business, so you can join them too.

Online Teaching

Online Teaching

Knowledge sharing is the best thinking, and you can earn huge money from this profession.

Day by day, online teaching is increasing, and people are earning good money through it. Thatswhy, I added it in our current post, i.e., How to make money online in India.

Many like you are earning through online teaching.

You can make your youtube channel, and you can share your knowledge there, or there are other platforms you can join them too like Unacademy, UdemyEdureka, and many more.

Join them and grow yourself and earn good money.


Guys, I think I am clear with “How to make money online in India,” and now you can choose from the above list.

It is more than enough. I have listed all the strategies through which you can make money.

If you have more ideas related to “How to make money online in India,” then you can comment below.


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